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Frank Ingo CHT, is the President of Ingo Productions. He has been an educator, creative service consultant, and professional speaker for the last 20 years.

Ingo Productions

A creative marketing company that provides:

  • Public Relations

  • Fundraising

  • Training

  • Seminars

  • Keynote Speakers

  • Accelerated Learning

  • Entertainment Production


For organizations that want to be the best of their kind.

Action Seminars

  • Mindfulness

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Test

  • Motivating the Motivators

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Executive Creative Productivity

  • Stress Management

  • Hypnosis for Weightloss, Stop Smoking and Pain Control

  • Team Building

  • Sports: Getting in the Zone

  • Supra-Learning and Memory

  • Successful Relationships

The Services

Ingo Productions has designed a highly effective core training program that will teach your staff how to find innovative solutions to increase their creativity, productivity, physical, and mental health. 

We can deliver our action seminars in any format you choose. They can be stand-alone training events or integrated with your in-house, corporate programs. We can also make them a part of your quarterly conference, corporate retreats, staff days, or company-wide meetings. 

We will help you create the program, handle logistics, follow-up, and provide on-going maintenance activities.

We can come to you, or you can come to us. Ingo Productions has several comfortable and fully equipped conference rooms, as well as arrangements with leading hotels in your area to accommodate large groups.

The Personal Touch

The drive to excel is a calling that is uniquely yours. As an organization, you pursue it in the context of your company history, your corporate culture, your goals and dreams, and most importantly - your staff.

Ingo Productions can design customized, training programs, action seminars, conferences, and other entertaining, educational events to focus on the special challenges you face today and anticipate tomorrow.

Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we will get you there from conceptualization, through planning and design, to delivery and follow-up.

We will also produce materials to supplement your educational activities. Our creative service capabilities cover the full range of print and electronic media, including workbooks, manuals, slide shows and other audiovisual presentations, cassettes, videotapes and DVD’s.

The Approach

Ingo Productions makes learning easy with innovative delivery methods that combine the latest findings in behavioral psychology and progressive education. Our approach consists of five elements: 

1. Atmosphere - we establish a distraction-free, non-threatening learning environment. 

2. Receptivity - Our relaxation exercises elicit the calm, alert, and positive state of mind most conducive to learning, often called the "super learning model". 

3. Interest - we communicate information in a high-energy, animated, and creative manner. 

4. Interaction - we stress involvement and participation. Our staff serves as facilitators, coaches, and guides. 

5. Reinforcement - We use relaxation techniques at the subconscious level to reinforce the learning that occurs at the conscious level. You learn faster, retain more knowledge and skills for a longer time.

Excel with Ingo Productions

What others say...
“I can always count on Frankie for excellent public relations and fundraising!”

Chi Chi Rodriguez - Hall of Fame Golfer - Puerto Rico 

“Mr. Ingo high energy presentations truly created an enthusiastic and receptive audience at our national sales meeting.”

 Michael D. Maskeny - President - Telegraphics - Reston, VA

“Frank is an extremely gifted educator and communicator.”

 Paul Messier- US Dept. of Education - Wash. DC

“Frank’s mastery of his material matches his great wit and creativity.”

 Jack Cloherty - NBC News - Wash. DC.

“Both Hugh Downs, our president and James Michener, our keynote speaker, join me in saying Bravo! Your multimedia presentation definitely stole the show at our convention.”

Charles Hewitt - Director - National Space Institute - Wash. DC

“Frank will make you laugh or Frank might make you cry, but most importantly, Frank will make you listen. He is one of the best.”

Milton Jacques - President - National News Speakers Bureau - Wash. DC

“Frank works equally as well with PhD’s as with children. His seminars for us have been fantastic!”

 Dr. Lawrence Gould - Chairman - Camp Sunshine Foundation - Portland, ME

“Frank’s keynote address and workshops made our career awareness conference the most successful to date.”

 Suzanne Henry - Training Director - US Postal Service - Wash. DC

“Frank and his creative staff use their talent and resourcefulness to produce programs and conferences that are truly works of art.”

 Charles Feil - Author/National Geographic Photographer - Portland, ME

“Frank was one of our best masters of ceremonies to date. His continuing efforts in our fundraising were a major reason for the Telluride Jazz Festival’s success.”

 Paul Machado - President - Telluride Jazz Society - Telluride, CO

“At Disney World we only hire the best. We’re proud Frank Ingo is part of our team”

 J.R. Silva - Entertainment & Talent Director - Disney World - Orlando, FL

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