Frankie Ingo is a truly gifted educator, choreographer and acting coach with college degrees in Theater and Psychology. He has taught over 100,000 students.

He's the owner and director of "STUDIO INGO" located in Tampa, Florida.

In the Corporate Business World, Frankie is a much sought after motivational speaker and trainer, having worked with many Fortune 200 companies.

His teaching method is very dynamic, highly animated and his productions are totally unique.

Frankie has often been called America's Dance King. His instructional dance videos are taking the world by storm.

Among his outstanding achievements during the course of a versatile and exciting career, Frankie was also a member of the original cast of the long running theatrical play, "GREASE". He has also appeared at the IMPROV in New York City, Second City in Chicago, and is a featured dance coordinator for Disney and Club Med.

Frankie is the former president of Channel 12 Television in Telluride, Colorado. He is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows, addressing the importance of the arts and sports in our schools to improve the mental and emotional health of our children and their families.

Bookmark Frankie's website and stay tuned for more on America's Dance King! There's as much to Frankie as there are flips, dips and turns in his dancing!


Frankie was original cast member of the long running theatrical play, "GREASE"...
Frankie was original cast member of the long running theatrical play, "GREASE"...